This category includes processing tools that are usually required as a previous step for another higher level tools, but that can be used independiently.

Compute Distance Map: This program computes a distance map from an input binary map. A donwsampling can be applied prior to the distance map computation to improve performance. The resulting distance map will by upsampled by the same amount before writing. [Code]

Compute Feature Strength: This program Computes the feature strength for an image. A feature can be a ridge line (vessel), valley line (airway), a ridge surface (fissure) or a valley surface. [Code]

Compute Fissure Feature Vectors: This program generates a collection of feature vectors at point locations indicated by an input polydata file. [Code]

Crop Lung: This program crops a CT lung volume for a specified region. [Code]

Enhance Fissures In Image: This program enhances fissure image features using logistic regression classifiers.[Code]

Extract Chest Label Map: This program takes in a lung label map and filters it with the specified regions/types. [Code]

Extract Fissure Boundary From Lobe Map: This program labels fissures from a lobe segmentation following the CIP Chest conventions. [Code]

Filter Connected Components: This program filters out connected components that are smaller than a set size. [Code]

Generate Atlas Convex Hull: This program reads atlas lung images and generates a convex hull image corresponding to them. [Code]

Generate Distance Map From Label Map: This program computes a distance map from an input label map (that adheres to the CIP label map conventions) [Code]

Generate Image Sub Volumes: This program accepts as input a CT image and a corresponding label map. It produces a collection of subvolumes of the CT image and (optionally) of the label map image. [Code]

Generate Lobe Surface Models: This program generate fissure shape models based on a training set. [Code]

Generate Median Filtered Image: This program generates a median filter of a CT volume. [Code]

Generate NLM Filtered Image: This program is a fast version of the popular Non-Local Means filter for image denoising. [Code]

Generate Statistics For Airway Generation Labeling: This program computes statistics needed as inputs to the LabelAirwayParticlesByGeneration program. [Code]

Label Map From Region And Type Points: This program reads a region and types points file and creates a label map of the labels at the specified coordinates using the CIP labeling conventions. [Code]

Perform Morphological: This program performs morphological operations such as dilation, erosion, opening and closing. [Code]

Quality Control: This program produces quality control projection (2D) images for multiple forms of input label map images. [Code]

Remap Label Map: This program maps label map values in an input image to designated values in the output image. [Code]

Remove Chest Type From Label Map Using Particles: This program m**************************** [Code]

Resample CT: This program resamples a CT using an affine transform. [Code]

Resample Label Map: This program resamples a label map using an affine transform. [Code]

Rescale Label Map: This program rescales (either upsample or downsample) a label map by a specified amount. [Code]