This category includes tools for segmentation of different parts of the ling following our Chest Conventions.

Generate Binary Thinning 3D:  This program generates a skeleton from a binary mask. [Code]

Generate Lesion Segmentation:  This program segments a nodular lesion for quantiative assesment. [Code]

Generate Otsu Lung Cast:  This program produces an Otsu lung cast. [Code]

Generate Partial Lung Label Map:  This program segments a CT image into lung regions with an approximate aiway segmentation. [Code]

Generate Simple Lung Mask:  This program generates Simple Lung Mask [Code]

Segment Lung Lobes:  This program reads a label map image (where the labels correspond to the conventions laid out cipChestConventions.h) as well as particles defining the lobe boundaries and produces a label map with the lung lobes identified. [Code]

Split Left Lung Right Lung:  This program reads a label map and splits the left and right lungs so that they are uniquely labeled. If the input is already split, the output will be identical to the input. [Code]