This category includes auxiliary tools that are used by different CLIs.

Convert Chest Region Chest Type To Label Map Value:  This program takes chest-region and chest-type string specifications (conforming to CIP standards laid out in cipChestConventions.h) and writes to the command line the corresponding unsigned short encoding the chest region and chest type value. [Code]

Convert Dicom: This simple program takes as an argument a directory containing DICOM images, and produces a single file as output. Single files are preferred for our operations as they compactly contain the CT data. [Code]

Convert Label Map Value To Chest Region Chest Type: This program takes an unsigned short label map value that conforms to the labeling conventions laid out in cipConventhions.h and writes to the command line the corresponding chest region and chest type. [Code]

Execute System Command: This program executes any system command. [Code]

Find Patch Match: This program performs an exhaustive search through an image and identifies the coordinates that correspond to an exact match with the input image. [Code]

Generate Model: This program generates a 3D model given an input label map mask using the discrete marching cubes algorithm. [Code]

Generate Overlay Images: This program produces RGB overlay images corresponding to the input CT image and its label map. [Code]

Get Structures In Label Map: This program reads in a label map image and writes to the command line a list of the chest-region chest-type pairs that are present. [Code]

Mask Out Label Maps Structures: This program removes the specified chest structures from the input label map. [Code]

Merge Chest Label Maps: This program merges an overlay label map into a base label map. [Code]

Read Dicom Write Tags: This program reads a CT (DICOM) image, extracts tags of interest and their values and prints them to a file. [Code]

Read NRRDs Write VTK: This program reads a number of NRRD files and collects the data in those files into a single VTK polydata file for writing. The input data files typically contain particles information. [Code]

Read Vida Write CIP: This program converts VIDA labelmap information to CIP labelmap following the CIP chest conventions. [Code]

Read VTK Write NRRDs: This program reads a VTK polydata file containing particles data and writes a corresponding collection of NRRD files containing array data. [Code]

Read Write Region And Type Points: This program converts region and type points between csv and vtk file formats. [Code]

Region Type Locations To ROI Volume: This program reads a chest-region chest-type locations file (and a reference CT image) and produces an ROI volume, either a segmentation or a label map. [Code]

Transfer Region And Type Indices To From Points: This program converts region and type indices files to region and type points files and vice versa. [Code]