• Lung Nodule Microenvironment Radiomics

    Quantifying the nodule microenvironment with radiomics features. [tutorial]

  • Tracheal Stent Planning

    Planning tool to enable patient-specific tracheal stents. Leveraging the power of medical imaging to deliver the best therapy

  • Airway Inspector Screenshoot

    Airway Inspector

    detects airway walls and computes their parameters for the best assessment of airway wall thickness and airway lumen size.

  • AV Ratio screenshot

    AV Ratio

    Calculate the ratio between the airway and the vessel on the air cell, to predict Bonchiectasis of COPD.

  • Body Composition Screenshot

    Body Composition

    Obtain measurements of muscle and fat composition in Chest CT to assess body composition

  • Interactive Lobe Segmentation Screenshot

    Interactive Lobe Segmentation

    quickly segmentation of the lung lobes by selecting a small number of points on the fissures

  • MIP Viewer Screenshot

    MIP Viewer

    Viewer that implements some projection operations, such as MIP, MinIP and Median

  • PAA Ratio Screenshot

    PAA Ratio

    Calculate the ratio between pulmonary arterial and aorta, to predict acute exacerbations of COPD.

  • Parenchyma Analysis Screenshot

    Parenchyma Analysis

    performs densitometry in CT scans by isolating the lung region and computing different phenotypes based on density measurements

  • Parenchyma Subtype Training

    Parenchyma Subtype Training

    Training parenchyma subtypes done quickly by an expert